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Jumpstart Your Room Decorating Business Webinar REPLAY

Jumpstart Your Room Decorating Business Webinar REPLAY

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Welcome to the Jumpstart Your Room Decor Business Webinar! Join us over three days to get hands-on with room decoration essentials. Discover how to build partnerships with hotels and businesses, price your services effectively, master marketing, be authentically yourself, and navigate the do's and don'ts of decorating. It's time to stop overthinking and start doing! Join a community focused on boosting your room decoration skills. Limited spots available, so let's turn those dreams into action!


✓ This is a REPLAY of our 3 Day Live Webinar.

✓Watch the Recording and hear actual questions and answers asked by students.


Effective Pricing Strategies: Master the art of pricing your room decoration services for profitability.

✓ Learn The Quick Start Strategy: We will give the exact steps to launch your room decorating business in 30 days or less!

✓ What Items to Buy: You don’t need EVERYTHING to start. We’ll tell you what’s most important for now.

✓ Social Media Strategies: We will share our exact strategies we used early on to grow our social media accounts.

Fearless Business Ownership: Overcome the fear of judgment and confidently own your room decoration business.

✓ The Power of Partnerships: We will show you how to focus on partnerships and not on followers. This is the secret to a successful room decorating business!


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