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The 30 Day Hotel Decorating Masterclass REPLAY

The 30 Day Hotel Decorating Masterclass REPLAY

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Are you ready to start or grow your hotel decorating business?

For the first time ever, get a replay of 30 days of live masterclass content which included tips and resources and more to enter this "up and coming industry". 

We're not holding ANYTHING back!

This is not a beginner overview like our awesome mini course. This is our most comprehensive product ever created. We can assure you that there is NOTHING else like it on the market. Here's some of what you will receive: 

  • Replay of over 20 hours of  content over 30 days that can be watched ANYTIME

  • Masterclass Certificate of Completion

  • Marketing Strategies - What to do when no one is booking 

  • Pricing Strategies - How to price for profit
  • Passive Income Streams - How to make money when you are not doing setups

  • Watch the replay in order or skip around!

  • Flower Preparation

What's included with the replay?

ALL RECORDED CLASSES FROM THE MASTERCLASS.  Replays  can be be accessed by participants at any time. You can go at your own pace.

What's NOT included with the replay?

The 1 hour one-on-one coaching session is included NOT included with your purchase of  the replay.  

The Replay also includes some of the bonuses offered in the Live Course including:

* Room Design Training in Canva

* Contracts

* Watch hotel room setups in real time

Here's what students said about the Masterclass:

"I can not believe how much I learned.  A lot of the topics discussed were not even expected.  It was amazing!" -Demi J

"Where do I begin, this course was very detailed and presented very professionally.  The host Chere was very knowledgeable and she took into consideration that some participants were visual learners.  The classes were both visually and verbally presented to accommodate different learning styles. Not only were the questions answered in a timely manner but she created workbooks and informational handouts to further enhance our knowledge of the topic being covered.  I can't say enough about this course and the host Chere. She was very easy to understand, knowledgeable, timely, detailed, helpful and prompt.  I would encourage anyone who is looking to go into the business of "Hotel Decorating" to take this course." - Pam S

"Chere went above and beyond with her many lessons, advice and marketing information. Not only was it a very informative 30 day class but we left with motivation and a wealth of knowledge. Chere was very receptive to answering our questions and even took us along with her live setups. You will not regret taking this course!!" - Swakara C 

"Chere made me feel that I could actually do this!  I learned so much in the Masterclass and now I am excited to launch my business.  I am so happy that I made this investment in myself and am excited to see what the future holds for my business thanks to the expertise I have gained from the Masterclass!" - Kimberly M

"This was an amazing 30 days. I love how much detailed was put into the presentation. I am new to the hotel decorating business and I wasn't sure where to start. Thanks to Chere I do now." - Charllynnetta B.

 The time is NOW! Become a Master Hotel Decorator!

REFUNDS WILL NOT BE OFFERED ON THIS COURSE ONCE ENROLLED!  If you have any questions about the content of the course we can always discuss email us at
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