Get "Unstuck" Coaching Program

Get "Unstuck" Coaching Program

The number one obstacle I faced when I started decorating hotel rooms was...knowing HOW to get clients!

You can work and work on your business but without a clear marketing plan, you'll likely feel stuck.

  • How to get more clients?
  • Should I run ads?
  • How do I work with hotels?
  • How to stop clients from disappearing after seeing prices? 
  • How much should I charge?
  • How many packages should I have?

Long hours of comparing yourself to other decorators on social media and buying WAY more stuff than what you need can leave you completely paralyzed and FRUSTRATED.

Many of you know that I've run a successful Room Decorating business for the past few years and enjoy working from home and spending time with my family (aka- business on my own terms).

What helped me to achieve this?  I can attribute it to one sole thing:


Having someone to hold me accountable and say: KEEP GOING.  Having someone to turn to to ask questions and actually SHOW me what WORKS and what DOESN'T.

The very best thing you can do for your room decorating business is to get personalized advice from someone that has been there before.

Let's face it - sometimes you just need someone to tell you what to do.

Now I am turning my efforts to helping Room Decorators and limiting my business to working with VIP high-end clients.  We are also expanding our service to other areas and experiencing awesome successes that I never dreamed of.

All because I had a clear-cut plan for a growing a Room Decorating business that could actually make money. 

Over the last few months I've offered a Masterclass and private coaching sessions for select aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meet Swakara of Billows Balloon & Party Co. Here's what she had to say after coaching and completing our Masterclass:

"Chere went above and beyond with her many lessons, coaching, advice and marketing information. Not only was it a very informative 30 day class but we left with motivation and a wealth of knowledge. Chere was very receptive to answeringour questions and even took us along with her live setups. You will not regret taking this course!!"

Today, I'm opening up a personalized one-on-one Get "Unstuck" Coaching Program to help you do just that. THE PROGRAM BEGINS ON JANUARY 1, 2023 AND ENDS ON JANUARY 31, 2023.

Just in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day season, here's how it works:

1. You will receive a one hour long one-on-one Zoom calls EVERY WEEK. I'll help you determine exactly what you need to do next and answer questions such as: How to get more traffic? How to take your business to the next level? How to use our new LUXE method to get more bookings, how to interact with hotel staff and whatever else you are struggling with RIGHT NOW.

2. The sessions will be recorded and made available to you to review at anytime.

3. You will be give 3 specific tasks to takeaway from each call.

4. I will follow-up with you weekly by email to check in on your progress and make sure that you are on track.

5. You will have access to a new exclusive LUXE ROOM DECORATOR Facebook group to discuss your progress, ask questions and get advice from myself and other members. This is the only Facebook group where I will be active daily because I am focused on helping you get the most out of your investment and become unstuck.

6. A business overview: I'll look at your website, social media accounts and business processes to let you know my thoughts and provide you with action steps.

7. I will list your business on my website for our thousands of visitors FOR THE ENTIRE 2023 YEAR. We literally receive hundreds of requests weekly in areas we do not serve. I'll list your business on my website so that customers can find you EASIER.

There are only 10 slots.

First come. First serve.

The cost is $399. You can pay in full or split it into four (4) payments with Sezzle.

If you want to get un-stuck and jump start your business, this is exactly what you need.



P.S.: This program is NOT for everyone. It's for people who are seriously ready to invest time and some money into their business. It's ok if that's not you right now. We have many other resources that may help you. Click here to check them out.




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