4 Reasons Why Picnic Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them

4 Reasons Why Picnic Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them

Luxury picnic entrepreneurs show off their creativity and ambition with each picnic they design. There's nothing like the excitement of setting up a stunning picnic that customers will love and make a profit too! But, like any other business, there are common pitfalls that, if left unchecked, can cause a picnic business to fail. Poor planning, lack of marketing/advertising, poor customer service, and incorrect pricing can be detrimental to success. However, with adequate planning, promotion, customer experience, and competitive pricing, you can create a business that will last for years!

1. Poor Planning. A luxury picnic business requires a lot of planning and preparation. This includes everything from carving your niche in the industry, to reaching your ideal customer, purchasing inventory, and more.  It's not just about setting up a pretty picnic.  You have to find your unique selling point and consistently market it to your ideal customer.  Without a well-thought-out plan, the business can quickly become overwhelmed and fail. To prevent this, take time to plan your business (and revisit that plan often), know who you are and don't think that you have to do things like everyone else! 

2. Lack of Connecting with Clients. Many luxury picnic businesses fail because they dont take the time to connect with new or past customers. Without adequate promotion, getting people interested in booking with you is hard. To remedy this, make sure you are present on social media so that customers can find you.  Having a website where potential clients can reach you is also super valuable. Also, don't forget the power of good ole word of mouth!

3. Poor Customer Service. One of the most important aspects of running a luxury picnic business is providing excellent customer service. This means going over and beyond to make sure that your customer's expectations have been met and even exceeded.  Take time to develop a customer experience plan. Make sure to always be professional and courteous to customers, and take the time to listen to their needs and concerns.  Remember, a happy customer refers others to you!

 4. Not Pricing Correctly. Setting prices too high or too low can be a death knell for a picnic business. To stay competitive, compare your prices to those of other picnic businesses in the area and make sure that youre offering a fair price for the services youre providing. Most importantly, make sure that your fee includes your cost and also provides you with a profit!  You can't price your services based on what you think customers will pay. Price your services so that you can provide your customer with the experience that they deserve.

By recognizing these common pitfalls and taking steps to avoid them, you can greatly increase your chances of success when starting a picnic business. With a bit of planning and hard work, you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers and keep your business running for years to come.

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